quikold antique soda coolers

Quikold Antique Soda Coolers

Welcome! We love these old rusty coolers. If you have a cooler similar to the pictures please email us at info@quikold.com We would be interested in seeing pictures of what you have or purchasing it if it is for sale. We would be happy to post pictures of your quikold cooler if you would like to share. Also email us if you have more information on the Quikold company or know of a specific cooler brand we left out. Thanks!

The Quikold company made chest type floor model soda coolers for general stores. Based in the mid-west United States they were a child of the larger S&S Company of Lima Ohio. Throughout the years many different types and styles were produced including self-serve ice only models all the way up to coin operated electric cool devices. Of particular interest to collectors are the older "Ice Only" versions that were embossed with the name a soda company and used as in-store marketing for that brand. This version of Quikold's product were produced in the late 30's and through the 1940's. These chest type coolers came in many different sizes including Juniors, Standards and Masters. Many collectors covet the smaller sized coolers such as the Juniors and Standards.

  • Quikold Junior:
    Width: 23 Inches
    Depth: 18 Inches
    Height: 36 Inches
  • Quikold Standard:
    Width: 31 Inches
    Depth: 23 Inches
    Height: 36 Inches
  • Quikold Master:
    Width: 44 Inches
    Depth: 23 Inches
    Height: 36 Inches

All quikold coolers of this era came with a unique looking bottle opener attached. The openers were engraved with the words "Deluxe Ezee Decapper S&S Products Co. Lima Ohio". There were a few versions of the opener that differ slightly. A typical bottle opener is pictured to the right of this page under the coolers.

Many soda companies took advantage of Quikold's product offering as a way to promote their goods. The following is a list of the known embossed coolers:

  • Pepsi Cola cooler
  • Royal Crown Cola cooler
  • 7-UP cooler
  • Orange Crush cooler
  • Dr. Pepper cooler
  • Nesbitt's cooler
  • Bireley's cooler
  • Barq's cooler
  • Hire's cooler
  • Orange Squeeze cooler
  • Nichol Kola cooler
  • Orange Kist cooler
  • Cleo Cola cooler
  • Whistle Cola cooler
  • Grapette cooler
  • Nugrape cooler
  • Canada Dry cooler
  • Nehi Beverages cooler
  • Red Rock Cola cooler
  • Jumbo Cola Cooler
  • Mission Beverages cooler?
  • Mission Orange cooler?
  • Pearl Beer cooler?
  • Dr. Wells cooler?
  • Squirt Cooler?
  • Dad's Rootbeer Cooler?
  • Frostie Rootbeer Cooler?
  • Moxie Cooler?

As you'll see in the pictures on this website there were different options available on these coolers and the features differ slightly even in the same size categories. Handles, chrome pieces, bottle openers and even types of embossing were swapped out for the different brands. There are even coolers of the same size in the same brand that differ in the style of embossing present. Pepsi-Cola and Royal Crown Cola are known to have 3 different styles of embossing on these old coolers.

It is very possible there are others out there. If you have knowledge of another embossed antique Quikold cooler please email info@quikold and let us know! If you found this webpage because you have something similar you would like to sell please also let us know.

Some of these coolers are found in a condition that is less than perfect. Neglect and improper storage lead to rusting and other issues. If we find a cooler in this condition we do a complete restoration to bring it back to life. Here are pictures of some of the restorations we have done on these coolers.

We are also interested in Superior Jr. Picnic coolers. Please take a look at our Superior Junior Cooler page and let us know if you have something similar. Thanks for visiting!

Dr Pepper quikold cooler antique double cola cooler
Nehi quikold cooler antique 7up cooler
Quikold Standard Soda Cooler
nichol kola quikold cooler antique orange crush cooler
Quikold Junior Soda Cooler
orange kist quikold cooler antique barqs cooler
Quikold Master Soda Cooler
quikold bottle opener deluxe ezee decapper
Deluxe Ezee Decapper Lima Ohio
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