quikold antique soda coolers

Superior Jr. picnic coolers were made in the 40's by the Sterling Manufacturing Company. They were a smaller cooler that could hold about a six pack of your soda of choice. Unlike quikold coolers there is a coca cola model out there as well as the off-brands. Brands I am aware of in this model are coca cola, royal crown cola, 7up, pepsi cola, grapette, dr. pepper, nugrape, orange crush and dad's rootbeer. If you have a cooler similar to the pictures we are always interested in seeing it or purchasing it if it is for sale. Please email us at info@quikold.com We would love to hear from you, thanks!
Superior Junior Pepsi Cola Cooler Superior Jr Orange Crush Cooler
Pepsi Cola Superior Jr Cooler Orange Crush Superior Jr Cooler
Superior Junior Nugrape Cooler Superior Jr. Grapette Cooler
Nugrape Superior Junior Cooler Grapette Superior Junior Cooler
Superior Junior 7up Cooler Superior Jr coca cola Cooler
7up Superior Junior Cooler Coca-Cola Superior Junior Cooler
Dads Rootbeer Cooler Royal Crown Cola Superior Jr Cooler
Dad's Rootbeer Cooler Royal Crown Cola cooler Superior Junior
Dr. Pepper Cooler
Dr Pepper Cooler
old soda cooler